Unsure About Your
First Crypto Investment?
Give rest to all your fears and worries, as we can get the best crypto experts to manage your investments on Kunji. Kickstart your crypto investment today!
Get the Help of Experts!
Our Digital asset managers, we call them DAM, are leading experts in cryptos. They don't give advice, they actively trade on your behalf to get returns.
A process you can trust! Don't Worry, We Got You!
Your money stays on Kunji completely in your control. DAMs can only trade on your investments, they can't withdraw it. Furthermore, They will keep you updated on their trades, market conditions, outlook etc.
Main Features
Start Small
You can begin your crypto investment with any amount.
Easy Tracking
Keep a close eye on your investments via the Kunji dashboard.
100% Safety
Your money is safe in your hands - DAM holds no ownership.
What More?
Comprehensive KYC Process
Kunji verifies your details within minutes!
Ultimate Transparency
DAM will consistently apprise you of transaction data, investment position, and other necessary updates.
Safe Investments
With its in-built governance, Kunji protects your investment from rogue trades.
Effortless Withdrawal
No lock-in period. Withdraw whenever!
Kunji is meant to help people who want to passively invest in crypto assets. We help them find and invest in strategies managed by Digital Asset Managers (think hedge fund managers) with the right strategy and risk profile. It is an end to end investment management unlike others who just provide you recommendation for a set of tokens.
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